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Dr. Sanjeev Natharla

BDS, MDS (Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics)

As an expert in all forms of braces and aligners, I’m passionate about keeping up with the latest in orthodontic technology. My practice blends cutting-edge research and tools with traditional, tried-and-tested orthodontic techniques to provide patients with world-class care every time. I am committed to developing innovative orthodontic solutions to meet each patient’s unique needs, and I have extensive experience with a range of treatment options, including digital tools and 3D-printed brackets from LightForce Orthodontics as well as standard braces, lingual braces, Invisalign First & Teen, Invisalign, and other treatment methods.


Our patient Most Valuable Words

V Venkataiah

Google Review

I recently took treatment at Risus Dental. Given fixed teeth for complete upper jaw. I had good experience. Doctor is very friendly . Understands the need of the patient. Now I can eat and smile confidently....Thank you Dr. Sanjeev and team.....

Meena Karimi

Google Review

Honestly I had visited so many clinics looking for an appropriate solution for my dental issues, and finally my search ended at RISUS Dental Clinic.

Ramya M

Google Review

Excellent Doctors & support staff. Impressed with the hygiene too. I would recommend this place for any dental problems. Very economical too. For the same treatment outside they asked about 36 thousand, but here it got completed within a reasonable amount.

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