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Root Canal Treatment

Welcome to our advanced Root Canal Treatment service, where precision meets expertise to address infected tooth pulp. Our skilled team is dedicated to preserving your natural tooth while restoring comfort. Explore the journey to a healthier, pain-free smile with our personalized root canal therapy


Root Canal Therapy (RCT), also known as Endodontic Treatment, is a technique performed when tooth decay reaches the pulp (the deepest part of the tooth), producing inflammation.

The injured tooth must be saved from extraction. An Endodontist, often known as a Root Canal Specialist, performs this surgery. The technique entails the following steps:

  • Dental material that is inflammatory or diseased is removed
  • Disinfection and cleaning
  • Inert substance is used for filling and sealing.
  • Crown/cap restoration and placement
  • It is a multi-step approach that may necessitate numerous sessions.

Why Does One Undergo Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is performed on a broken or infected tooth. Infection could be caused by a fractured or broken tooth, extensive decay, gum disease, or recurrent dental treatment on a specific tooth. It is critical to receive Root Canal Treatment because:

  • It prevents the infection from spreading and, as a result, saves the tooth from extraction.
  • RCT alleviates pain associated by inflammation.

Procedure For Root Canal

Step 1: The first step entails taking an X-ray to identify the degree and approach to infection. Before beginning therapy, if necessary, local anaesthesia is administered.

Step 2: The following step is Cavity Preparation. A cavity is prepared by removing all infectious tooth material or prior filling material and establishing a good approach to the inner-part of the tooth (pulp).

Step 3: This is followed by pulp canal disinfection and shaping. The contaminated pulp is fully removed, and the canals are shaped and cleaned. A thorough disinfecting is accomplished.

Step 4: Clean and disinfected canals are sealed and filled with Gutta-Percha, an inert rubber-like filler substance.

Step 5: The final process is restoration and crowning. A filling is then used to reconstruct the crown section of the tooth cavity, followed by a Cap/Crown cementation.

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