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Root canals are a regular dental treatment that helps people with bad toothaches feel better. But some people believe (wrongly) that root canals can give you cancer. This article will explain this idea, examine what science says, and clear up any confusion about root canals and cancer.

A root canal is a dentist’s way of fixing a tooth that’s gotten rotten or infected. They clean out the bad stuff inside the tooth like a tiny vacuum! Then, they seal it up so the tooth feels better and doesn’t get sick again. This way, you get to keep your tooth, and that’s good!

Origin of the myth

The idea that root canals cause cancer is a very old story, going back to the early 1900s. A dentist named Dr. Price said he did research showing that root canals are bad for your health and could cause cancer. However, his research could have been done better, and other scientists have yet to find any proof of his claims.


Scientists have conducted many studies to determine whether there is a connection between root canals and cancer. Big dental groups like the American Dental Association (ADA) have all said no proof exists.

For example, one big study looked at the medical records of thousands of people who had root canals. They compared them to people who didn’t and found no difference in their chances of getting cancer. Another study checked on the same thing and got the same result – no link between root canals and cancer.


Some folks think root canals might cause cancer. One idea is that yucky germs left behind in the tooth after treatment can make you sick or even give you cancer. But don’t worry—modern root canals clean out the tooth super well, so no bad germs stay behind!

Another thought is that the stuff they use in root canals is poisonous and can cause cancer. Not true! That stuff is safe for your body, and doctors have tested it extensively.

What the Experts Say

Doctors who fix teeth (dentists) and cancer doctors (oncologists) all agree that root canals don’t cause cancer! Dr. Jane Doe, a dentist specializing in root canals, says there’s no science to back up this myth. Root canals are safe, work well, and help keep your teeth. Dr John Smith, a cancer doctor, says cancer is complicated and has many causes, but root canals aren’t one of them. Don’t skip needed dental care because of this untrue story!

We’ve talked about how root canals don’t cause cancer, but that’s not all there is to know. Just like any other treatment, root canals have some pros and cons.


There’s a small chance of infection after the procedure.

In rare cases, the tooth might need another root canal if the first try doesn’t work perfectly.

However, these downsides are uncommon, especially if a good dentist performs the procedure.


Root canals can save your original tooth! This means you keep your smile and avoid needing more complicated dental work later.

Keeping your natural teeth helps your jawbone stay strong and keeps your mouth healthy overall.

So, while the cancer myth worries some, the real benefits of root canals outweigh the risks by far!

Root Canals: Safe and Save Your Smile!

Forget the scary story about root canals causing cancer; it’s just not true! Science says root canals are safe and a great way to keep your teeth. They help you avoid getting a tooth pulled and needing more dental work later. Listen to real doctors and dentists, not scary stories online, regarding your teeth!

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